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You will receive precise information on your behaviour and your qualities, as well as your areas of development when you take a personality assessment.
You will discover which work environment and job suits you best to support you in your lifestyle choices, thanks to interest and motivation inventories.
Last but not least, you will be able to identify your strengths and potential weaknesses when taking competency assessments.

Thanks to your seriousness and honesty, the anonymous statistics obtained allow our team to continuously improve the quality and validity of our different tests.

Our psychometric assessments serve a large variety of purposes, e.g. recruitment, career counselling or coaching.

In the professional field, they help to secure decisions in human resources (recruitment, internal mobility...) and talent management processes. They are used to target personality and motivations, as well as reasoning and adaptation skills of a person.

For personal goals, psychometric assessments help to gain a better objective understanding of oneself.

They also help to get a better vision of one's strengths and weaknesses, in order to develop our potential and to flourish personally and professionally.

Regular evaluations of the validity and adjustments of tests are essential criteria to ensure their efficacy and utility.

  • Reliability: This criterion ensures that tests are stable over time. This means that an individual, who takes an assessment several times, should receive similar results.
  • Validity: This criterion refers to the characteristics measured by the test and the accuracy with which the characteristics are evaluated. The validity indicates a link between test performance and performance criteria. It allows for specific conclusions and predictions to be drawn about a person based on the test scores.
  • Social desirability: A test must avoid the inclination of a person to respond in a way that will be seen as favourable by others.
  • Socio-legal considerations:The construction of test questions should in no case negatively or positively discriminate against a population group. No form of discrimination should be shown based on religion, gender, ethnical origin, or culture of the person who is taking the test.

In certain cases, you may be invited to take the same test twice. This method allows you to participate in our research and helps us to verify, based on statistical analyses, that the results are stable over time. It also confirms your own results.

About us

Testing Center is a website created by Central Test, an editor of psychometric assessments and expert in evaluating human potential. Central Test also offers professional evaluation solutions for companies and HR professionals, to accompany them in the process of recruitment, internal mobility, competency development and talent management.

Striving at continuously improving the test quality, Central Test created its own Research and Innovation Department in 2002. This department consists of a team of psychologists, consultants and experts who work together to anticipate, create and adapt the various tools to technological evolutions, new market constraints and client needs.

Our tools are developed according to the strict regulations defined by international scientific communities such as the American Psychological Association (APA), the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the International Test Commission (ITC).

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